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The Role of ABO Incompatibility in Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant [Turk J Hematol]
Turk J Hematol. 2002; 19(3): 401-409

The Role of ABO Incompatibility in Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant

Önder Arslan1, Hasan Şanol Coşkun2, Mutlu Arat1, Ender Soydan1, Muhit Özcan1, Günhan Gürman1, Harika Çelebi3, Taner Demirer1, Hamdi Akan1, Osnman İlhan1, Nahide Konuk1, Akın Uysal1, Meral Berksaç1, Haluk Koç1
1Department Of Hamatology And Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, Ankara University Medical School, Ankara, Turkey
2Department Of Oncology, Erciyes University Medikal School, Kayseri, Turkey
3Department Of Hematology, Fırat University Mdical School, Elazığ, Turkey

ABO incompatibility is not a contraindication for allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, but this procedure requires an extra effort for erythrocyte or plasma depletion in certain well established conditions. Some acute or delayed immunohematological complications such as acute or chronic hemolysis and pure red cell aplasia may be encountered. In this study the outcome and transplant related complications of ABO incompatible and identical cases, who have received allogeneic peripheral blood stem cells from their HLA identical siblings were compared with each other. Ninety-one patients (CML 36, AML 37, other 18) were analyzed retrospectively including 51 (60.4%) ABO identical patients and 36 (39.6%) ABO mismatched (MM) patients, who have a bi-directional MM (n= 5), major MM (n= 16), minor MM (n= 9) and Rh MM (n= 6). Median follow up was 13 (0.5-43.0) months. We did not observed any significant differences between two groups (identical vs non-identical) in terms of acute hemolysis preceding stem cell infusion, peritransplant transfusion demand, acute- and chronic graft versus host disease. There was no change in estimated disease free survival and overall survival durations. We did not observed any influence of ABO/Rh incompatibility on short term outcome in allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in our series and did not recommend further manipulation of the infused stem cells.

Keywords: ABO incompatibility, Allo-PBSCT, Hemolysis.

Önder Arslan, Hasan Şanol Coşkun, Mutlu Arat, Ender Soydan, Muhit Özcan, Günhan Gürman, Harika Çelebi, Taner Demirer, Hamdi Akan, Osnman İlhan, Nahide Konuk, Akın Uysal, Meral Berksaç, Haluk Koç. The Role of ABO Incompatibility in Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant. Turk J Hematol. 2002; 19(3): 401-409

Corresponding Author: Önder Arslan, Türkiye

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