E-ISSN: 1308-5263
Turk J Hematol: 22 (2)
Volume: 22  Issue: 2 - 2005
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1.Dear members of Turkish Society of Haematology
Aytemiz Gürgey
Page 57
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2.Thrombocytosis in solid tumors: review of the literature
Çağatay Arslan, Hasan Şenol Coşkun
Pages 59 - 64
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3.Failure of puberty and linear growth in beta-thalassemia major
Hamdollah Karamifar, Mehdi Shahriari, Gholam Hossein Amirhakimi
Pages 65 - 69

4.Evaluation of inherited and acquired platelet function disorders in iron deficient women with menorrhagia by whole blood lumi-aggregometer
O. Meltem Akay, Fezan Şahin, Zafer Gülbaş
Pages 71 - 78

5.Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in chronic myeloid leukemia two and a half year experience
Khalil Ullah, Badshah Khan, Parvez Ahmed, Iftikhar Hussaın, Shahid Raza, Muhammad Naeem, Hamid Iqbal, Hamid Saeed, Khalid Kamal
Pages 79 - 86

6.The effect of a nationwide antibiotic restriction policy on antibiotic usage in a stem cell transplantation unit
Alpay Azap, Pervin Topçuoğlu, Ayşegül Yeşilkaya, Mutlu Arat, Osman Memikoğlu, Özay Akan, Halil Kurt, Emin Tekeli, Hamdi Akan
Pages 87 - 90

7.A rare syndrome that can easily be missed: May-Hegglin anomaly
İsmet Aydoğdu, Emin Kaya, İrfan Kuku, M. Ali Erkurt, Ahmet Görgel, Onur Özhan
Pages 91 - 93

8.Development of autoimmune hemolytic anemia during the treatment of a patient with acute myelomonocytic leukemia
Pınar Tarkun, Abdullah Hacıhanefioğlu, Emine Demirbağ, Tuğba Turgut
Pages 95 - 99

9.Images in Hematology
Turgay Fen, Başak Gören
Page 101
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